Phnom Penh Reggae

by Vibratone

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released July 5, 2017



all rights reserved


Vibratone Phnom Penh, Cambodia

VIBRATONE is a reggae band formed in Phnom Penh in 2013, which plays 100% original songs with
insightful lyrics embracing Roots To New Roots Reggae
+ a touch of Blues and Soul thrown inna di
The band members bring different skills and cultures to VIBRATONE.
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Track Name: Phnom Penh Reggae
We got the heat
We got that reggae beat
We play the sounds
That’ll make you move your feet
We’ll make you dance
Just give us half a chance
Put you in the mood
For a little hot romance

Phnom Penh reggae
Phnom Penh fire
Here we come
We make the music
That’ll take you higher
Make you want to jump

Feel the heat
As it flows down the street
Our music’s hot
Burns everything it meets
Our music’s real
This ain’t no fever dream
Bring your temperature up
To a thousand five degrees


Burn you down to the
With the force of our sound
We bring that Phnom Penh fire
Our music’s sure to take you higher

We bring the heat
Our music’s got that beat
That makes you groove
Gets you up off your seats
We’ll fan the flames
You’re all gonna know our names
We play so hard
You know we can’t be tamed



Feel the heat
As it flows down the street
Our music’s hot
Burns everything it meets

Track Name: Can't Shut Us Up
Can’t shut us up
You can’t keep us down
Gonna get so loud
You can’t drown us out

No one can tell you what to think
Cause you know what you know

We all have our songs to sing
We’ll write our own words
We gotta do everything
To shape our own world
We all make our own choices
We have to do what’s right
We need to use our voices
To fight the good fight


No one can tell you what to say
Cause you want what you want

We all have our parts to play
In this crazy life
Can’t close our eyes to darkness
We have to bring the light
We’ve got the power inside us
We just have to use it
We need to speak ’bout what we want
Or we might just lose it


No one can tell you who to love
Cause you feel what you feel

We’re all the same on the inside
We’re all connected
Can’t keep quiet when things go wrong
Cause we’re all affected
We’re all part of this one world
We all gotta live here
Gotta care for what we have
Before it all disappears

Track Name: Flying High
Hey there, the grass ain’t greener on the other side
Won’t you come along and enjoy the ride
So much stuff to see and shit to try
Come on, relax and you’ll be flying high

Life is good
When you’re in the zone
Gon’ jump right in
and have a good time


Life is sweet
When you’re in the sun
Bring a hat in case
The clouds come calling


Saturday night
And I’m feeling fine
At the bar
and the joint is jumpin’


When life goes wrong
And I ’m feeling low
I go see my friends
on St. 420

Track Name: Ghetto Master
I'm the Ghetto Master, that's me
Cambodian gangsta, that's me
Pickin' your pocket, nabbin' your wallet
Ain't no lock that I can't break free

Born in the city, shantytown is my home Concrete around me, the only life I know

I own this city
I know every single street
Police not gonna catch me
Cause I'm so fast on my feet



I'll take your money
Make all your dollars my own
Pull myself up now
By draggin' you all the way down


King of the scammers
Know all the tricks of the trade
Grab all your stuff then
Into the crowd I fade
Track Name: Ice Cream & Chili
Cooler than ice cream in your mouth
Strawberry sweet
Hotter than chili on your tongue
Such delicious heat
With a kick as strong as coffee
My love will make you weep
Never going to be vanilla
No, not with me

One taste
Will make you want me
Keep you coming back for more
A second try
Leaves you addicted
Knocks you flat on the floor

Caramel kisses for you baby
I'm your chocolate treat
Sticky as honey on your fingers
You provide the cream
All the pleasures you can dream of
Every flavor in the world
Hot and cold, sweet and sour
All and more in just one girl


Tart as lemons, sweet as sugar
Always ready for fun
You won’t need any other flavor
I’m everything in one
Intoxicating as brandy
I can make your head spin
We’re like bread and butter
You’re the yang to my yin

Refrain (2x)
Track Name: Child
When I was 8
They took my father away
Put him in jail
For the things he did say
He was a good man
Always spoke his mind
Fought against Babylon
He was brave like a lion

Refrain 1:
I am my father’s child (2x)
I walk his road, step in his shoes
I am a lioness, proud and true

At first my mother cried
Then she straightened up her spine
And all through my life
Strength she did inspire
She was a good woman
Showed me how to live
How to stand up for myseff
How to love and give

Refrain 2:
I am my mother’s child (2x)
I walk her road, step In her shoes
I am a lioness, proud and true

And then I grew
And the world it taught me true
Life isn’t fair
You just have to push on through

Bridge 1:
But it’s still a good world
If we make it so
If we are warriors of Jah
If we follow his word

Refrain 3:
I am Jah’s child (2x)
I walk His road, follow his word
I am a warrior, strong and proud

Bridge 2:
I and I can make this world
A better place to be
If I and I fight Babylon
Til all are free

I am my father’s child
I am my mother’s child
I am Jah’s child
I and I and I and I
Track Name: Phoenix
Like the phoenix, I rise from the ashes
Nothing's gonna keep me down
I’ll fly, way up high, own the sky
Leave the haters way on the ground (2x)

Done with trying to be someone else
When who I am is plenty fine
Done with trying to play their games
They’re just wasting my time ‘


Mix 1:
Don’t let them tell you
You’re not good enough
Cause you know that you are
Don’t let them tell you
You’re not hot enough
Cause you shine like a star
You got the fire
You got the power
Let it glow now
Shine baby shine
You got the voice and
You got the beauty
Let the flames go
Burn baby burn, burn

Mix 2:

Don’t you listen to a thing they say
They don’t make no sense
Don’t you wait for things to change
Time to jump off the fence
You got the fire
You got the power
Let it glow now
Shine baby shine
You got the voice
You got the beauty
Let the flames go
Burn baby burn, burn


Mix 3:
Don’t you try to
fit in a box
When you got plenty more
If they try to lock you in
You just break down the door
You got the fire
You got the power
Let it glow now
Shine baby shine
You got the voice
You got the beauty
Let the flames go
Track Name: Phnom Penh Juliet
He’s a poor boy
From the wrong side of the tracks
While my family
Owns land and stores and banks
We met and
Sparks just seemed to fly
But my family
Doesn’t want him in my life

It’s not fair
I love him
But my family says no
It’s not right
I need him
But they say he has to go

Papa tells me
The boy’s too poor for me
Mama tells me
A rich man will make me happy
But he’s a good man
Strong and brave and true
And I don’t care
If his family’s very poor


Why can’t they
Understand he’s what I need
Why are they
Controlled by their own greed
So he’s poor
And I’m rich beyond belief
He’s my love
To lose him would bring grief


Why does he have to go?
I don’t want him to go
Cause I love him so
Track Name: Dance
Refrain 1:
Dance, sister dance
Get on your feet and dance
Dance through the tears, dance through the pain
Dance in the sun and the pouring rain, just dance

All life is sorrowful, all life is change
But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t join the game
We can’t hold back and leave things to chance
Gotta step right in and join the dance

Refrain 2:
So dance, brother dance
Get on your feet and dance
Dance in the streets, dance in your room
Dance by light of day and, light of mood, just dance

Life is uncertain, what will tomorrow bring
One day we’re beggars, next day we’re kings
All that matters is to, live today with joy
To build, to create, to teach not to destroy

So dance, mother dance
Get on your feet and dance
Dance with your babies, dance on your own
Dance for the sunset and dance for dawn, just dance

Live with what you have, enjoy life each day
Don’t try to control the world, it goes its own way
Love not fear is what will change the world
Dance with joy and just, spread the word

So dance, father dance
Get on your feet and dance
Dance with your heart, dance with your soul
Dance in the heat and dance in the cold, just dance

We get in trouble, when we hold on
To things, to love, to fear of what’s gone wrong
The world it changes, spins and moves us around
What else can we do but just get down
And dance, come on and dance
Get on your feet and dance
Dance for the truth, dance to be free
Drop your burdens and come dance with me
Track Name: Roam feat. "Srey Leak" & "Peou Srey Oun"
Got no honey, got no money
Seems all I have is bad romance
Lost my job,
got too many problems
What else can I do but dance?

Dance with me, won’t you dance with me?
Help me dance my troubles away
Dance with me, come on and dance with me
Let’s dance all our tears away

Dance all our tears away, why don’t we
Dance all our tears away
Dance with me, won’t you dance with me?
Let’s dance all our tears away
Track Name: Karmic Love
I, I'm going to learn
From my mistakes
Cause Karmic love
Brings only heartache
I'm going to learn
To love well and wise
Change my fate
Live a good life

So what did I do in my past life
That I had to meet you in this one
Are you a lesson I never learned?
I'm going to learn it now
When you came into my life
I let my heart take control
I ignored the warning signs
I won't ignore them again


Looking back on all I’ve done
Maybe I did deserve you
I did some things I’m not proud of
I’ve hurt people I loved
I need to find balance in my life
Live strong and true
Take some of the blame for what went wrong
And change what I can


So I'll move on with my life
Let go of fear and hate
Try to be a better person
Leave the past behind
Forgive you for your mistakes
And forgive myself for mine
We all have to live with what we’ve done
We make our own fate

Track Name: Who Are You Fooling ?
I see them rich kids
Driving past me
Noses in the air
Like the stink comes from me
But I smell of work
Honest sweat and pain
They smell like money
From dishonest gain

Who are you fooling?
Ain't fooling no one
Think that no one sees
What you’ve gone and done?

You’ve taken my land
You took my money, too
Tell me it’s progress
But I think it’s all for you
I see a building
Where families used to live
Why is it always
The poor who have to give?


You treat us like we’re
Children with no mind
Control what we’re doing
Like we’re deaf, dumb and blind
But we see everything
All you’re trying to hide
We know what you’re doing
We know about the lies


Won’t take it no more
Won’t believe your lies
Gonna get up and stand up
And fight for my rights
And you can’t stop me
Cause I’m not alone
All the people you’ve fooled
Are becoming one

Won’t take it no more
Gonna knock on your door
Gonna get what I, get what I, came for
Track Name: Steady Reggae Beat (a.k.a. Phnom Penh Heart)
I walk, round the streets of Phnom Penh
When the lights are low, when I’m feeing down
This city, feels like a friend
Holds me close in its arms, when I’m feeling down

And the beat of Phnom Penh’s heart
I feel the beat of Phnom Penh’s heart
Is a steady reggae beat, beat, beat, beat, beat
Such a steady reggae beat, beat, beat, beat, beat

I’ve seen, things I’d never seen
Things that make me rage, things that make me cry
But this is still, the best place I’ve ever been
It’s opened up my heart, like it’s opened up my eyes

Refrain 2x

By the river, in the moonlight
I hear the sirens call
In the alleys, under the starlight
I know I’ll find it all
I’ll find the beat, beat, beat, beat, beat
I’ll feel the beat, beat, beat, beat, beat
That steady reggae beat
That Phnom Penh heart beat